Turntable Tuesday | June 14th 2022

Turntable Tuesday

Turntable Tuesday is back with a few new releases. Check out the new releases and reviews below!

Ezra | “All Your Friends Hate Me”

What a way to kick off Turntable Tuesday. Ezra’s new single, “All Your Friends Hate Me,” is out now and what a single it is. It is really well done. The instrumentals are compelling and compliment the vocals nicely. It is a really cool track that really focuses on the vocals. Such a cool single with a really relatable message. Definitely one that you should check out and add to your playlists.

The Paper Outlet | “< Just Friends”

We have previously featured, The Paper Outlet and now they are back with a pretty cool titled single, “< Just Friends.” The backing track is really well done but the standout here are the vocals. It is a stunning performance that puts the vocals at the forefront of the track. This gives them a chance to shine, which is perfect for the atmosphere of the song. Such a cool track that deserves to be heard. Make sure to check this one out and add it to your playlists.

Time Schōu | “Little bit of good”

Time Schōu just released his new single, “Little bit of good.” Needless to say, this track is, a lot of good. The acoustic start which leads to the main beat of the song is smart. This brings the listener in and then lets them focus on the vocals. Vocally, it is a stunning performance. There is so much energy in this song and he does a great job at capturing every bit of it, while showing off his vocal range. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Anna Clendening | “Girls Like You”

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Anna Clendening just released a new single, “Girls Like You.” The new track is really well done. The backing track is really compelling and does a great job at showcasing her vocals. Her voice is so strong and she gets to show it off throughout the song. Such an energetic performance that deserves to be heard. Make sure you add this one to your playlists.

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