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Tune in Thursday | September 7th, 2023

Tune in Thursday | September 7th, 2023

Tune in Thursday

We are back with another edition of our Tune in Thursday playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Kiernan McMullan | “Talk To Me”

We have featured Kiernan McMullan previously, and now he is back with an incredible new track, “Talk To Me.” What a captivating way to kick off our playlist this today! This song is a genuine beauty. The acoustic-driven arrangement aligns perfectly with his vocals, showcasing his remarkable talent. His voice is among my personal favorites that I’ve come across in a while, making this track a standout for me this week. Be sure to include this track in your playlists.

Caleb J. Murphy | “Trying”

Caleb J. Murphy recently released a new track, “Trying.” This song is exceptionally well-crafted. The acoustic vibe compliments his vocals flawlessly, placing his voice at the forefront and allowing it to soar. It’s a truly beautiful song that deserves a spot in your playlists.

Dakota Hayden | “Watery Grave”

Dakota Hayden just released a new track, “Watery Grave.” The latest track is a superb piece of work. Its country vibe brings a refreshing twist that pairs impeccably with his vocals. He possesses the storytelling ability essential for this genre, making it undeniably outstanding this week. Ensure you include this track in your playlists; it’s a must-listen.

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