The Easy Wild Releases New EP

The Easy Wild

The Easy Wild just released their new EP, Flowers From Ashes. We have decided to review a few of these tracks below! Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Devil in the Wine

“Devil in the Wine,” is a really compelling song. The instrumentals are more intense in this track, which really sets the pace for the entire EP. The energy of this song is off the charts. They do a great job at showcasing their vocals and keeping up with that energy. Definitely a standout on the new EP.

Easy Money

“Easy Money,” is more of a slow burn song. The harmonies are more present in this track, which is refreshing. This track is so well done and stands out on its own. They do a great job at showing off their vocals, all while telling the story of the song.

I Love You

This is such a strong song. This is probably their best vocal performance on this new EP. They get to show off their range throughout which is a treat for their audience. The story of the track is also really compelling. All in all, this is one of the strongest songs off of the new EP and deserves to be heard.

See Also

Size of Giants

The last track we are covering is, “Size of Giants.” This track is absolutely stunning. The instrumentals are really well done and compliment the vocals completely. The vocals are pushed to the forefront of the track, which is very smart considering how strong they are.

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