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Wonderful Wednesday | June 15th 2022

Wonderful Wednesday | June 15th 2022

Wonderful Wednesday

We have some awesome new releases for our Wonderful Wednesday playlist. Check out the new tracks and reviews below!

R3HAB x Amy Shark | “Sway My Way”

We have previously featured R3HAB when he teamed up with Caroline Romano. He is back with Amy Shark and their new single, “Sway My Way.” The production value on this track is off the charts. It is captivating and does a great job at setting her vocals up for showcase. She has such a great voice which is evident throughout the track. Amy and R3HAB are such a good team and deserve to be added to your playlists. Such a killer release.

iamnotshane | “Maybe My Soulmate Died”

Well it seems I have been waiting a while for iamnotshane to release this one. I first heard this song on TikTok and was instantly enthralled. “Maybe My Soulmate Died,” is going to resonate with a ton of people. The beat is intense but his voice is beautifully heartbreaking. He knows how to showcase his vocals while still keeping up the emotion of the song. Definitely one that you should add and follow on TikTok as well.

Natalie Claro | “Cracked Pepper”

Natalie Claro just released her new single, “Cracked Pepper.” This is such an intense release. The instrumentals are well done and compliment her vocals nicely. Her vocals are at the forefront of this track which is smart, considering how strong her voice is. This is definitely one that should be added to your playlists.

Lewis Muller | “Deny”

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Lewis Muller just released a new single, “Deny.” The song is more of a slow burn but pays off with his vocals. He does a great job at showing off his range and his head voice throughout the song. He captures the emotion of the song beautifully. The new track is really well done. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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