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Sunday Funday Roundup | July 30th, 2023

Sunday Funday Roundup | July 30th, 2023


We are back with our Sunday Funday Roundup. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Bre Kennedy | “Keep Going Back”

Bre Kennedy‘s latest release, “Keep Going Back,” is a true gem. The song is skillfully crafted, showcasing stunning instrumentals that perfectly compliment her vocals. With a voice that demands attention, Bre Kennedy effortlessly draws listeners into the heart of the music. This is an exceptional track that should not be missed. Be sure to add “Keep Going Back” to your playlists.

maryjo | “Don’t Call Me”

maryjo‘s latest release, “Don’t Call Me,” is truly a work of art. The song is exquisitely crafted, with stunning vocals taking center stage and captivating the listener throughout. Her voice shines brilliantly, making it impossible to ignore the sheer beauty and emotion conveyed in the track. “Don’t Call Me” is a mesmerizing and unforgettable piece that demands your full attention. Don’t hesitate to add this stunning track to your playlists.

Nicotine Dolls | “How Do You Love Me”

Nicotine Dolls, the NYC-based band, is making waves with their latest release, “How Do You Love Me.” The song features a lineup of talented musicians, including Sam Cieri as the singer, John Hays on guitar, John Merritt on bass, and Abel Tabares on drums. The instrumentals are truly captivating and flawlessly compiment the vocals. They deliver a stunning performance that transcends the entire song, leaving a profound impact on the listener. “How Do You Love Me” stands out as a standout performance, and without a doubt, it deserves a spot in your playlists.

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