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On The Rox Weekly Roundup

On The Rox Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

Time to shine a spotlight on some awesome artists this week. It is our Music On The Rox Weekly Roundup. We’ve got a little bit of everything, from Indie to Christmas. Check them out below and always, make sure to head on over to Music On The Rox, for all things music.

OpenHeart – Paradise

Bradley Kim – “Happy Alone”

Bryard Huggins feat. Gina Francesca – “Christmas Without You”

Allison Asarch – “Neon Nobody”

Lance Curtis – “Small Town America”

Nate Gott – “Used To”

Aiva Astra – “Broken Lines”

Sam Rife – “Sleeping With Ghosts”

See Also

Katie Radecke – “December”

Hannah Belle – “I Try to Think About Eggnog”

Danny McMahon– “Lights of our Hometown”

Sari – “Burn”

Make sure to head on over to Spotify or Apple Music and download your favorite songs today. Stay tuned for another Music On The Rox, Weekly Roundup coming soon.

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