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Francisco Martin | “KISSING ON A BALCONY”

Francisco Martin | “KISSING ON A BALCONY”

Francisco Martin

American Idol Season 18 contestant, Francisco Martin just released a new single, “KISSING ON A BALCONY” Check out the full track and review below!

San Francisco-born pop singer-songwriter, and producer Francisco Martin realized he had an all-consuming yearning to be his authentic self in his music. To that end, he worked feverishly in his apartment at all hours of the night while facing complaints from the neighbors. He now emerges with his first true artistic statement, the 6-song EP, Manic, a bold collection of emotionally-raw pop-rock.

Francisco hasn’t lost his romantic side as evident on “Kissing On A Balcony.” This is frisky, delicately-textured pop with clever rhythmic punctuations, and pristine hooks. The track “Nobody Listens To Me” is an exhilarating anthem, brimming with dreamy electro-pop ambience, angry and angular guitars, pounding beats, and get-it-off-your-chest songwriting.

The backstory here is that before the session, Francisco was feeling down about his music, and even considered canceling. His co-producer, Nick, rallied him into being creative, and the pair channeled his emotions into song. “It’s easy to feel like what you do doesn’t matter and people don’t take you seriously, but making this song helped me get out of a bad headspace. I hope when people hear it, it does the same for them,” he says.

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It’s been a transformative journey of reclamation for Francisco as he unapologetically shares his true artistic self with the milestone release Manic. The EP is raw, relatable, and, most importantly, real. Francisco says: “This EP is something I cherish—I found my path with this one.”

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