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Harry Styles Stars in New Trailer for “Don’t Worry Darling”

Harry Styles Stars in New Trailer for “Don’t Worry Darling”

Harry Styles

Harry Styles, Florence Pugh and Chris Pine are set to star in the new horror thriller, “Don’t Worry Darling.” Actress/filmmaker Olivia Wilde seeks to deconstruct the alleged idealism of 1950s American culture with some deeply terrifying horror concepts in her second directorial effort — Don’t Worry Darling

The wholesome family values have been tossed out the window and replaced with steamy adult situations and a something-isn’t-quite-what-it-seems premise redolent of a classic Twilight Zone episode. The first trailer for the upcoming movie (out in theaters this September) teases a high-concept, Jordan Peele-esque mixture of horror, science fiction, mystery, and psychological thriller that has a lot more on its mind than just scaring the audience. 

Florence Pugh (Black Widow) and Harry Styles (Dunkirk) lead the A-list ensemble cast as Alice and Jack, a married couple living in the idyllic desert development known as Victory. Alice plays the role of the good housewife, while Jack and the other husbands in the community work on the top-secret “Victory Project” spearheaded by CEO Frank (Wonder Woman 1984‘s Chris Pine). 

Everyone’s needs are met, so long as they show unwavering support for the cause and don’t ask any probing questions. The facade of a perfect life starts to crack when Alice realizes there’s something incredibly sinister at play. Her subsequent investigation into the matter reveals that this purported utopia may, in fact, be a dystopia. She’s alone in this dangerous venture, however, with everyone — especially the men — trying to convince Alice she’s losing her grip on reality.

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