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New Music Friday Pt. 2 | September 8th, 2023

New Music Friday Pt. 2 | September 8th, 2023

New Music Friday

We are back with our latest installment of New Music Friday, Pt. 2. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Culture Code x Medyk | “Rest Of My Life”

Culture Code teamed up with Medyk for a new track, “Rest Of My LIfe.” This song radiates an incredible amount of energy. The vocals are absolutely stunning. The production is executed flawlessly, effectively accentuating the song’s vocals. It’s undeniably one of the standout tracks this week, so be sure to incorporate it into your playlists.

Emily Nicole Green | “Thief”

We have featured Emily Nicole Green previously, and now she is back with a new track, “Thief.” Her voice is truly beautiful, and it takes center stage in this track. The presence of the piano in the song provides a perfect backdrop for her vocals to shine brightly. It’s an absolutely stunning performance that you should absolutely include in your playlists.

JUICYPEAR x Haiva Ru | “Island”

JUICYPEAR teamed up with Haiva Ru for a new single, “Island,” This track exudes a captivating vibe, offering a cool and entrancing musical experience. It skillfully places the vocals front and center, with the instrumentals providing a beautiful backdrop that compliments her vocals. The production is top-notch, further enhancing the overall quality. It’s a beautiful performance that unquestionably merits a spot on your playlists.

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