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Halle Kearns | Finally – EP Review

Halle Kearns | Finally – EP Review

Halle Kearns

Halle Kearns is a country music artist who is quickly making a name for herself in Nashville, TN. Halle has had great success with her first two singles, featuring as artist of the week on both Radio Disney and Country Hits Radio in the U.K as well as having surpassed 150,000 Spotify streams. The music video for the debut single ‘Pick Me Up’ has been featured on CMT as well.

Halle has recently released her highly anticipated EP, Finally. In honor of this release, we have decided to review each track from the new EP.

“Pick Me Up,” is the first song off of this new EP. This one has over 125,000 streams on Spotify alone. This is also the music video that was featured on CMT as well. This upbeat track is catchy and features some strong vocals. Her voice is perfectly complimented by the instrumentals as well.

Up next is “Whatever You Do.” Halle’s voice really shines throughout this song. With a catchy melody and captivating lyrics, this is a standout track off of Finally.

“Before He Could,” is up in the 3rd spot. This one is more of a stripped back song. With it being more stripped down, it pushes Halle’s vocals into the forefront, which is very smart. She has such a great voice, and hearing it in this element is absolutely beautiful. She does a great job at showing the emotion of the song, throughout the entire track. Lyrically, this a beautifully heartbreaking song, that a lot of people are going to relate to.

“I Drink Whiskey,” is up next off of Finally. Considering how heartbreaking the last song was, I need a glass of whiskey as well. This is more upbeat than the previous track. This is a fun song. Perfect drinking song. Below is what Halle Kearns had to say about this track.

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Last on this EP, is one of my favorite songs, “Shoes to Fill.” The new single puts Halle’s voice in the forefront, which sets the tone for the rest of the song. She has such a great voice, and it really pays off in this new single. Her storytelling abilities are very evident in “Shoes to Fill.” Halle seems to be drawing inspiration from Kacey Musgraves in this song as well.

If you are a fan of genuine Country Music, and want an artist that will take you on a musical journey, check out Halle Kearns below. Her powerful vocals and storytelling abilities will keep you listening for hours. The new EP, Finally, is available on all major streaming platforms. Check it out below on Spotify.

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