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New Music Friday Pt. 3 | August 11th, 2023

New Music Friday Pt. 3 | August 11th, 2023

New Music

We are back with our New Music Friday, Pt. 3. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

David Green | “Something (Acoustic Version)”

Originating from the lively city of Los Angeles, David Green is a multifaceted artist—a singer, songwriter, and composer—whose musical creations are imbued with genuine emotion and a captivating sense of positivity. His latest release, the Acoustic Version of “Something,” showcases his exceptional artistry. In this rendition, the track’s stripped-down nature places his vocals at the forefront, allowing their strength and resonance to shine. David Green possesses a voice that not only stands out but also commands attention. The decision to highlight his vocals in this acoustic arrangement proves to be a smart choice, enhancing the song’s impact. Make sure to add this track to your playlists.

nobody likes you pat | “being broken”

We have previously featured nobody likes you pat and now he is back with a new track, “being broken.” The track is a true masterpiece. The instrumentals are beautifully crafted, seamlessly complementing the vocals. His voice possesses a captivating quality that draws you in, making you want to listen to it on a loop. Overall, it’s a mesmerizing performance that merits being played repeatedly. Don’t miss the chance to add this track to your playlists.

Maty Noyes | “Idea”

Maty Noyes is a musical powerhouse, exuding a presence that demands attention. This multi-genre singer/songwriter possesses a unique storytelling ability, which she expertly delivers with her sharp wit and sultry voice. Her recent release, “Idea,” is a testament to her exceptional artistry. The track is an absolute gem, radiating an energy that’s nothing short of electrifying. The instrumentals are thoughtfully arranged, forming a compelling backdrop that harmonizes seamlessly with her vocals. Definitely a standout performance. Make sure to add this track to your playlists.

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New Music

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