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Kendra Chantelle | “Beautiful and Tragedy”

Kendra Chantelle | “Beautiful and Tragedy”

Kendra Chantelle

Kendra Chantelle is a local singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Not only is she a singer/songwriter but she also stays busy singing lead and backing vocals live and in the studio, doing vocal production and arranging, writing and recording music for TV & film, vocal coaching and doing yoga for her #YogAbroad following world wide. She was also on Season 10 of American Idol.

She also recently released her new album Carousel. In honor of this new release, we have decided to review her single, “Beautiful and Tragedy.”

“Beautiful and Tragedy,” definitely takes some inspiration from the rock/blues arena. Her voice is made for this type of music. The rasp in her voice is perfectly complimented by the instrumentals in the background. She really showcases her range in this song. Her highs are impressive but when she hits her lower register, she sounds absolutely stunning. Lyrically, this song is beautiful and tells a captivating story that puts good against bad and how the line blurs in between.

Kendra shows through this entire album that she is a force to be reckoned with. There is no tragedy here, it is just all beautiful. If you are a fan of genuinely great music that takes inspiration from all genres, take a listen to Kendra Chantelle and Carousel below. Available on all major streaming platforms.

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