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Cody Belew | “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere”

Cody Belew | “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere”

Cody Belew

You may recognize Cody Belew from Season 3 of The Voice, where he was a Top 8 finalist. Cody was 27 at the time he auditioned, was living in Nashville and pursuing a career in music, while working in retail. Before moving to Nashville, he was lead singer of a cover band called Cody Belew and the Mercers. One of his most memorable Voice moments was his cover of “Somebody to Love,” by Queen.

Cody is back with his take on a Dwight Yoakam classic, “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere.” It is very evident that he was inspired by Classic Country. His voice is perfectly suited for this type of music as well. Cody’s version is more bluesy than the original. He also does a great job at paying homage to a Country icon with this release. He captures the emotion of the song perfectly with this cover.

We learned how versatile Cody Belew’s voice was, when we saw him on Season 3 of The Voice. If anything, his voice has gotten stronger. He is doing a great job at showing off his love for Southern music as well. There is no doubt that Cody has a hit on his hands here. With this release, it is evident that he is one to watch out for. Check out Cody Belew, below and stream “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere,” on all major streaming platforms.

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