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Ava Max | “Christmas Without You”

Ava Max | “Christmas Without You”

Ava Max

Ava Max was born Amanda Koci, in 1994, to Albanian-immigrant parents in Milwaukee. When she was eight, her family moved to Virginia. Her mother was an opera singer; her dad played the piano; her uncles were in bands. She was a Britney Spears fanatic who wanted to pursue pop music. According to Vanity Fair, ” Max’s mom moved her 14-year-old daughter to Los Angeles in 2008. (“She’s like, ‘We’re moving to California . . . [because] there’s nothing to do in Virginia for your career.’”) But Max found the city “overwhelming,” and, a year later, they were back in Virginia, where she would remain for her teenage years. She eventually moved back to California a few years later, in hopes of igniting that career. Over the past year, Max has sung on David Guetta and Jason Derulo tracks, and released some one-off singles—including the bombastic, effervescent “Salt” and a re-interpretation of “Barbie Girl” titled “Not Your Barbie Girl”—but none gained traction until the Cirkut-produced “Sweet but Psycho” was unleashed. – Vanity Fair. She was recently on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she got to sing her new song, “Kings & Queens.”

She recently released her album, Heaven and Hell, which we featured a few weeks ago. Read that review to see why we are calling her album one of the best albums of the year. Ava Max is back with a new Christmas song, “Christmas Without You.”

“Christmas Without You,” is a fun, romantic song, just in time for the Holidays. This song features an upbeat tempo, catchy melody and insane vocals. Throughout the song, her vocals get stronger. Towards the end, she even manages to hit a whistle note, which is very Mariah Carey-esk. Absolutely stunning Christmas song.

“Christmas Without You,” needs to be added to your Holiday playlist, no doubt. During this holiday season, grab you some hot chocolate, grab your significant other and dance in front of the fireplace. In a safe way of course. “Christmas Without You,” is available on all major streaming platforms. Check it out below!

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