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Top Notch Tuesday | March 5th, 2024

Top Notch Tuesday | March 5th, 2024


We are back with our Top Notch Tuesday playlist for March 5th, 2024. Check out the full tracks below!

Connor Roff | “Mercury’s Kiss”

Connor Roff recently released a new track, “Mercury’s Kiss.” This track is a powerhouse with the indie rock genre. The vocals are impressive, showcasing both power and passion, and the overall track is a vibrant, energetic experience that’s sure to resonate with fans of the genre. Adding this track to any playlist focused on indie rock or high-energy music is a great idea.

Jerm | “That Just Isn’t Me”

Jerm recently released a new single, “That Just Isn’t Me.” This track is an energetic, well-produced track that effectively showcases the vocals while maintaining a high level of energy throughout. It’s a great addition to playlists that feature vibrant and energetic music. This track deserves a spot on playlists for those seeking an energetic musical experience!

Alex Zind x Erwin Kintop | “Hit On Me”

Alex Zind teamed up with Erwin Kintop for a new track, “Hit On Me.” The most recent release is an excellent example of his artistry. The vocals are nothing short of stunning, showcasing his remarkable talent. The song carries an undeniable energy, making it a standout track deserving of a spot on your playlists

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Lauren Black | “Close As I Can Get”

Lauren Black recently released a new track, “Close As I Can Get.” This is a powerful track that brings out the energy and highlights the vocals brilliantly. The combination of captivating instrumentals and the spotlight on vocals makes for an engaging listening experience. The production quality adds an extra layer of impressiveness to the overall song. It’s a standout track that deserves a spot on any playlist.

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