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Clark Beckham | “Luckiest Man”

Clark Beckham | “Luckiest Man”

Clark Beckham was born in Nashville, but grew up in White House, Tennessee. He also graduated from Lee University in with a degree in history. In an interview Beckham said that he originally wanted to audition for American Idol at 18 years old, when it came to Nashville, but said that it was not in line with God’s will at the time. He eventually finished as runner up on the 14th season of American Idol. He released his single, “Run Away,” a month ago and has over 27,000 streams on Spotify alone. We have previously reviewed “Run Away,” as well.

Clark Beckham is back with his new single, “Luckiest Man.” This is a powerful ballad that is very reminiscent of Michael Buble’s discography. “Luckiest Man,” is a very bluesy powerhouse of a song. Clark proved on Idol that he can sing anything, and make it sound amazing. Clark’s voice is made for these bluesy ballads. He shows off is range here without sacrificing any of the vocals. He captures the emotion of the song perfectly.

Clark Beckham is proving that there is life after Idol with these amazing songs. His voice has never sounded better. These songs are absolutely stunning with the instrumentals in the background, to his powerhouse of a voice. If you need something to help you get through the week, or just need a love song to cry to, check out Clark Beckham below. “Luckiest Man,” is available on all streaming platforms.

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