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OpenHeart | “L.A. Love”

OpenHeart | “L.A. Love”


OpenHeart is a new group from the Nashville area. They are consisted of 2 brothers, Spencer Stoner and Stephen Stoner. When speaking about the new group, here is what Stephen had to say.

We both used to be in our own bands, but both of those of those plans changed at the beginning of this year. Oddly enough, those plans changed right before COVID happened, so we had a few months to really start working together while quarantining. After working on our first song together, we knew we had something special. We are excited, yet anxious to see how people respond to it. We don’t know what to expect, but we can only hope for the best.

Spencer (lead singer) came to me with the song and after the first time I (drummer) listened to it, I knew it had potential to be a really good song. We reached out to our good friend Hunter West(co-producer and mixer) to help us out on it and see what he could add. After having that help, we now have a song that we are really proud of and we hope people will enjoy too.

So, now here they are, back with a new Electronic banger, “L.A. Love.” This song is everything a good pop/electronic song should be. It has great vocals, infectious beat and an all around fun mix. With its 80’s sound, you can tell right off the bat that this track is something special.

With everything going on in the world, it is great to see that the one thing that is still constant, is music. People are still creating music. Still sharing it around and still hopeful about the future. OpenHeart proves that even though unexpected things happen, that it isn’t the end and something great can be created from it. That is exactly what has happened here. This release brings a bit of nostalgia to the table and still manages to still feel fresh. If you are fan of genuinely good music from an up and coming group, check out OpenHeart below and make sure to give them a follow!

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