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New Music Friday Vol. 3 | May 17th, 2024

New Music Friday Vol. 3 | May 17th, 2024

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We are back with our New Music Friday, Volume 3. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Tors | “Only For You”

Tors just released a new track, “Only For You.” This is such a beautiful song. His vocals are on full display here, perfectly complemented by the acoustic instrumentals. It’s definitely a standout track this week. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

SEA GIRLS | “Come Back To Me”

SEA GIRLS just released a brand new song, “Come Back To Me.” The indie 80’s vibe in this track is incredibly cool. The vocals are spectacular and suit the genre perfectly. It’s super energetic and never lets up. Don’t forget to add this one to your playlists.

Lily Meola | “Cowboy”

Lily Meola recently released a new track, “Cowboy.” This song is truly beautiful, with stunning vocals that perfectly suit the genre. Her voice is captivating, leaving you wanting more with each listen. Don’t miss out—make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Zach Hood | “Weatherman”

Zach Hood recently released a new single, “Weatherman.” This track is irresistibly catchy, with captivating vocals and a melody that stays with you long after the song ends. He has one of my favorite voices that I have heard in recent memory. It’s a well-crafted piece that definitely deserves a spot on your playlists.

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Devon Cole | “I Got You”

Devon Cole recently released a new track, “I Got You.” This song is a testament to creativity at its finest. The instrumentals are outstanding, setting the stage for the vocals to shine brilliantly. It’s truly a standout piece. Be sure to add this track to your playlists.

What did you think of our New Music Friday? Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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