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Kelly Clarkson Teams Up With Lainey Wilson For Duet | WATCH HERE!

Kelly Clarkson Teams Up With Lainey Wilson For Duet | WATCH HERE!

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson joins forces with Lainey Wilson for a unique Kellyoke duet, delivering the twang-infused honky tonk anthem “Country’s Cool Again.”

Wearing a weathered brown denim vest and coordinating bell-bottom jeans, Wilson kicks off the song, showcasing her Louisiana roots through soulful vocals. The lively band behind her brings a burst of energy with a variety of instruments. In the initial lyrics, the accomplished artist narrates her path to fame, starting from her departure from a small-town life to pursue her career in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN.

“I was born in boots on humble ground/ These kinda roots, yeah, they sure don’t grow out/ Yeah, even in a guitar town/ My crooked drawl, the way I sung/ My mama’s genes sure stuck out like a thumb/ In a Metro City crowd,” she sings,

Kelly Clarkson enters the song in her denim ensemble, complete with chunky floral heels, and seamlessly blends her vocals with Wilson’s in the chorus. The duo celebrates the Western lifestyle and acknowledges the trend of embracing small-town charms, even among those without genuine country roots.

“Everybody wanna be a cowboy/ Drive a John boat, whip a John Deere/ Everybody want a backroads front porch/ With a tub full of iced down beer/ Must be something in the water flowing out of the holler / Blue collar musta caught a new wind/ Doggone daggummit didn’t see that coming/ Country’s cool again,” the artists deliver on the chorus. 

In the subsequent verse, Kelly Clarkson highlights the allure of rural living, listing the reasons why it’s so captivating. She pays tribute to country music icons such as Garth Brooks and Brooks & Dunn, acknowledging their significant influence on the genre.

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Lainey Wilson

The GRAMMY winner leads the upbeat verse as she sings, “Once you get a taste, you’ll lick the spoon/ Learn every word to The Dance and Neon Moon/ And next thing you know/ You’ll hang a swing on a piece of land/Start sayin’ things like hell naw, hot damn/ Yeah, and if you dip your toe/ You’ll get bit by the bug and wanna wait in line/ And that’s the kind of trend, oh, that I could get behind.”

Both acclaimed for their dynamic stage presence, these two powerhouse artists poured their hearts into this performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. As the song reached its conclusion, they were met with a standing ovation from the audience, solidifying their stellar performance.

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