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Wild Wednesday | June 28th, 2023

Wild Wednesday | June 28th, 2023

Wild Wednesday

We are back with our Wild Wednesday playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Cooper Greer | “Thinkin Bout It”

Cooper Greer, an independent artist known for his distinct alternative country style, explores new sonic territory with his latest release, “Thinkin Bout It.” This track ventures into the realm of pop-rock, marked by a captivating guitar intro that builds into a mesmerizing bridge. Cooper’s raw and gritty vocals shine brilliantly on this song, adding a compelling layer to its overall sound. Undoubtedly, “Thinkin Bout It” stands out as one of the highlights this week. Be sure to add this track to your playlists and immerse yourself in Cooper Greer’s musical artistry.

Glou-Glou | “Drink Slowly”

Glou-Glou just released a new track, “Drink Slowly.” This is such a well done track. The infectious melody of this song seamlessly intertwines with the captivating vocals, creating an irresistible combination. It’s a track that effortlessly showcases the vocal prowess and talent of the artist. With its undeniable vibe, this song is bound to resonate with listeners and become an instant favorite. Don’t miss out on adding this track to your playlists for an immersive musical experience.

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