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Kelly Clarkson Talks Carrie Underwood and ‘Since U Been Gone’

Kelly Clarkson Talks Carrie Underwood and ‘Since U Been Gone’

Kelly Clarkson

In her Tuesday appearance on Watch What Happens LiveKelly Clarkson shut down any rumors that she and Carrie Underwood had issues with each other. Clarkson, who won the first season of American Idol, questioned why people assumed there was a problem between her and season two winner Underwood, 40.

“We don’t even know each other well enough to be pitted against [each other,]” Clarkson, 41, said. “Literally, we’ve run into each other a handful of times, and there’s no beef between us. Nothing between us — we don’t know each other. We literally have run into each other a few times.”

The “Breakaway” singer’s response cut off the virtual audience asker, who host Andy Cohen asked to finish their question after Clarkson finished. The caller continued, “What was your favorite part of having her as a guest on your talk show?”

Hearing the full question, Clarkson laughed, went up to the bar, gave a quick ‘cheers’ to the night’s bartender, Rob Anderson, before explaining, “Look, everyone always asks me the pitted-against-each-other question.”

She continued, “It was awesome! It was great to have her on the show. I think the thing that was cool about it is that everyone always pits us against each other, and I don’t know why they do that. They don’t do that with dudes. They only do it with females. And I’m like, we don’t even know each other well enough to do that. But I think… I’d love to have her there in-person! It was during COVID, so it was over Zoom, which is fine, but it’d be cool.”

Kelly Clarkson and ‘Since U Been Gone’

Kelly Clarkson also opened up about one of her biggest hits and claims she was actually “lied to” when it came to writing the song.

“Let’s give some backstory,” Clarkson told host Andy Cohen. “I was lied to.”

“They told me, ‘Hey, there’s these producers that want to work with you and there’s this song and it had dummy lyrics,” she recalled. “They didn’t really have lyrics yet. They were like, ‘We just want you to work with them.’ And I was told to write to the song.”

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Kelly Clarkson

“I get there and these two people, Luke and Max, were not told that I was writing to it and just already had it written,” Clarkson explained. “And I look like a fool ’cause I walked in and they had, the label had told me something completely different. And I just think that’s a red flag too. Why lie to me like that? Why not just get me to go there and then they’ll have the song? … I don’t like the lying.”

Despite having a “bad vibe with that song, because of the origin story,” the singer clarified that she’s still able to sing the song that fans have loved for nearly two decades because she’s “such a great compartmentalizer.”

Clarkson added, “I can put that aside and I sing the hell out of it on tour.”

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