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Troye Sivan Hilariously Admits To Trolling Kelly Clarkson Over Lyrics

Troye Sivan Hilariously Admits To Trolling Kelly Clarkson Over Lyrics

Kelly Clarkson

Troye Sivan sat in the hot seat for a wild edition of Vanity Fair‘s perennial lie detector test video series, in which he admitted to trolling Kelly Clarkson after he accused her in April of dissing him in the lyrics for her new Chemistry song “mine.”

“You thought this person was calling you out in her song ‘Mine,’ but you actually misunderstood the lyrics — did you secretly know that she didn’t say your name in the song?” Sivan was asked in the clip as he was shown a photo of Clarkson. “I did know that. I did know that. I just thought it was funny,” the 28-year-old crooner responded.

When the interviewer pressed him on whether or not he considers himself a troll, he replied, “I guess, yeah,” adding that he enjoys the art of trolling online.

“I do, yeah,” he said. “That’s one place where I really like to lie.”

In April, Sivan shared a TikTok video reacting to “mine,” asking his fans, “What did I do to upset Kelly Clarkson?” and citing lyrics he claimed to interpret as Clarkson singing, “Troye Sivan / Who the hell do you think you are?” In reality, Clarkson sings, “Sabotage, your choice of art.”

On a subsequent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the American Idol winner said she “died” when she saw Sivan’s video.

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“I cannot not think of him when I sing this song now,” she said. “To be clear, I did not sing his name. I don’t know why it sounds like that, but the line is, ‘Your choice of art.’ And I guess it’s just so high, right? I don’t know.”

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