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Sunday Funday Roundup | May 7th, 2023

Sunday Funday Roundup | May 7th, 2023


We are back with our Sunday Funday Roundup. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Estella Dawn | “Follow” (Remix)

Estella Dawn is quickly gaining recognition for her bold and confident delivery, which has made her music a formidable presence in the industry. Her audience across the globe is applauding her fearlessness and her willingness to push the boundaries of musical styles. With striking vocals that create a unique identity, she is setting a high standard for the future of pop music. Estella is deeply committed to her craft, and she writes, records, and co-produces all of her releases. Her ability to seamlessly blend delicate and powerful elements gives her sound an unrivaled edge, allowing her to transcend genres with ease. Recently, she released a new single titled “Follow (Remix)” which showcases her commanding vocals and impressive musicianship. The track is sure to energize any playlist, and we highly recommend adding it to yours.

Alex Goupil | “The First Time”

Alex Goupil is a Canadian singer-songwriter residing in Ottawa, whose alternative indie pop music exhibits a broad spectrum of emotions and moods, ranging from dark and brooding to soulful and uplifting. He recently unveiled his latest track, “The First Time,” which is a remarkably crafted piece of music. Goupil’s captivating vocals are simply breathtaking, highlighting his impressive vocal range and showcasing his undeniable talent. His voice blends seamlessly with the genre of music he creates, making him a standout artist this week. We highly recommend adding “The First Time” to your playlists.

Tom Grennan | “How Does It Feel”

Tom Grennan has recently unveiled his latest track, “How Does It Feel,” which could potentially become the summer anthem for many. With its sunny guitar riffs and upbeat drum beats, the song sets the perfect mood for the current season. Grennan’s authentic artistry is evident in the catchy chorus that invites listeners to sing along. As a British musician, Grennan’s latest single is a testament to his talent and skill in entertaining audiences. “How Does It Feel” is a perfect addition to any playlist, and it has us eagerly anticipating his forthcoming album. Be sure to check it out and add it to your playlists.

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