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Top Notch Tuesday | May 9th, 2023

Top Notch Tuesday | May 9th, 2023


We are back with our Top Notch Tuesday playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Fury in the Slaughterhouse | “Won’t Forget These Days” (VIZE Remix)

The latest release from Fury in the Slaughterhouse is a VIZE remix of their song “Won’t Forget These Days,” and it’s definitely worth checking out. The remix is expertly crafted, perfectly showcasing the track’s energy without sacrificing any of the vocal power. It’s definitely one of the standout releases of the week, and I highly recommend adding it to your playlists.

GAYLE | “don’t call me pretty”

The latest release from GAYLE, “don’t call me pretty,” is a powerful statement of self-confidence and independence. In the song, GAYLE confronts a person she describes as a “good friend but a bad idea,” who has been pressuring her to smile more and showering her with empty compliments. GAYLE refuses to be swayed by outside opinions and demands that this person “own up to [their] part in this.” The accompanying video showcases GAYLE’s uninhibited spirit, featuring scenes of her screaming on a rollercoaster and smiling with her bandmates in a photo booth. With its bold lyrics and infectious energy, “don’t call me pretty” is definitely worth adding to your playlists.


Sam Tompkins has just released a deeply personal and honest single titled “See Me,” in which he courageously addresses some of his most difficult insecurities. The song is a heartfelt exploration of mental health struggles, toxic relationships, and the persistent self-doubt that can plague us all. Tompkins draws on his own experiences and transforms them into relatable lyrics, offering a vulnerable and raw glimpse into his inner demons. With his exceptional vocal skills on full display, this track is a standout performance that is definitely worth adding to your playlists.

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