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Saturday Satisfaction | June 3rd, 2023

Saturday Satisfaction | June 3rd, 2023

Saturday Satisfaction

We are back with our Saturday Satisfaction playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

maryjo | “Traffic”

maryjo, a rising indie singer/songwriter based in the US, has recently unveiled her latest single, “Traffic.” This captivating composition combines mesmerizing melodies with heartfelt lyrics, showcasing maryjo‘s ability to convey her innermost thoughts and emotions with authenticity. The track exudes a powerful and genuine aura, drawing listeners into a world of raw vulnerability. Its passionate delivery and honest expression resonate deeply, allowing listeners to connect and relate on a personal level. “Traffic” is undeniably a standout release this week, deserving a spot in your playlists.

Atli | “Goodbye”

Atli, a talented singer-songwriter, has recently unveiled his latest single, “Goodbye.” This captivating track, driven by acoustic piano melodies, beautifully complements his impressive vocals. His powerful voice takes center stage, effortlessly captivating listeners with its storytelling prowess and unwavering hold on their attention. It’s truly one of my favorite voices I’ve come across in a while. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this beautiful song to your playlists.

Cally Rhodes | “Numb”

Cally Rhodes is a talented singer-songwriter known for her honest, melodic, and infectious pop songs that delve into themes of survival, heartbreak, and love. Hailing from Wales, Cally draws inspiration from iconic artists like Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac. Her music has garnered widespread recognition, receiving airplay on prestigious radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, and BBC Radio Wales. Notably, her music has also been featured on the popular UK TV show “Strictly Come Dancing.” Recently, Cally released a new track titled “Numb,” a dynamic and high-energy song that perfectly showcases her exceptional vocals. It’s undeniably a standout release this week, and it’s highly recommended to include this track in your playlists.

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