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Rita Ora + Fatboy Slim Release New Track

Rita Ora + Fatboy Slim Release New Track

Rita Ora

In recent news, Rita Ora disclosed that she had a falling out with her husband, Taika Waititi, during the filming of her latest music video. The video, directed by Waititi, features Rita and a group of dancers performing her new single, “Praising You,” which is a contemporary rendition of Fatboy Slim’s classic 1999 track, “Praise You.” In the video, they perform in front of Fatboy Slim himself, and the visual has gained significant attention.

During an appearance on Heart FM on Thursday, Rita, 32, was asked how she found working alongside him. 

She admitted she had been warned off it, explaining: ‘Everyone said “don’t do it, don’t work with the ones you love, it never works out”, and I thought why not?’ 

Rita continued: ‘You know what, I really respect him, I really admire his creative contribution and we came up with a fun, not serious video, a bit like the original, just like a random dance party, that’s what this it.’

Yet when probed on whether there was any tension, she confessed: ‘The only thing we had a tiff about was about me being late on set because my make up wasn’t going right, he was like “Hurry up, we’re losing light, we’re losing light”! I was like “I’m sorry!”’

She added to Apple Music: ‘I tried to call [filmmaker] Spike Jonze. He wasn’t available to be in the video, man. Taika is good seconds. I mean, I’ll take Taika. I’ll take him.

‘It’s so cool to be able to collaborate with the ones that you actually respect. I really love Taika’s brain. You know what I mean? That’s what I really fell in love with. He teaches me things every day… we were lying down and we were just hanging out watching a movie. 

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‘I said, “Wouldn’t it be cool to do something like all that jazz and fame?” And he said, “Look, I would love that.” And then we came up with the whole idea and boom. We shot it all on film in one day in downtown LA. 

‘It was amazing to be able to work with him and make this mini-movie because it really is a mini-movie. And having Norman [Cook] in the video too was a really good touch.’

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