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New Music Friday Pt. 2 | April 21st, 2023

New Music Friday Pt. 2 | April 21st, 2023

New Music

We are back with Part 2 of our New Music Friday. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Ivytide | “please don’t sugarcoat it”

Let’s start with Ivytide’s “please don’t sugarcoat it” – a chill, alternative indie pop track that gives you the sensation of floating on air. Ivytide’s smooth and seductive vocals, coupled with the dreamy musical production, create an ethereal experience. The song’s emotional and raw lyrics, alongside its danceable beat, evoke a feeling of both melancholy and hopefulness. It’s a personal and authentic musical journey that transcends you to another world. With exceptional production quality, “please don’t sugarcoat it” is a must-add track for anyone looking for an emotional and genuine experience.

sadboi | “Cover You In Chocolate”

sadboi has been involved in music since he was 12 years old when he first picked up a microphone for a class project, encouraged by his music teacher. Despite not initially considering it a serious pursuit, he was pleasantly surprised by the positive reception to his emotive voice. This experience helped him to realize the immense power of music in eliciting emotions and connecting people. Music has since become an essential part of sadboi’s life, serving as a creative outlet for himself and a way to connect with others. He recently released a captivating new single, “Cover You In Chocolate,” which showcases his exceptional vocal abilities. This song is a must-add to any playlist, with its seductive tone and impressive performance.

Ronna Riva | “Mon ami”

Ever since her early childhood, Ronna Riva has had a passion for being on stage. At the age of only 13, she was already touring Romania with the Viva band. But after finishing her studies, she devoted herself entirely to her one true passion: music. Ronna believes that music is infectious and once it captures you, there is no escape from its grasp on your soul. She wants to connect with everyone through her music, and her collaborations with renowned international artists like Grammy-nominated Will Jordan and the talented Turkish rapper Pooyan Mokhtari showcase her remarkable musical versatility. Recently, she has released a stunning new track called “Mon Ami,” which showcases her voice beautifully. Her performance is truly outstanding this week, and this track is definitely worth adding to your playlists.

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