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Olivia Rodrigo Releases New Single

Olivia Rodrigo Releases New Single

Olivia Rodrigo

At just 20 years old, pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo continues to impress with her latest release, “Bad Idea Right?” Check it out below!

This track adds another win to her record and builds the anticipation for her upcoming second album, “Guts,” set to drop on September 8. Contrasting the rock-operatic feel of the album’s initial single, “Vampire,” “Bad Idea Right?” takes a bright, kaleidoscopic pop approach. It skillfully weaves an array of influences, encompassing the spirited call-and-response hooks of ’60s girl groups, the lively attitude of Toni Basil’s “Mickey,” and the energetic guitar and bass lines of early 2000s pop-punk. All these influences converge through Rodrigo’s unique conversational voice.

The song’s narrative revolves around questioning the wisdom of reuniting with an ex-lover for a night out. With candid charm, Rodrigo admits, “Seeing you tonight, it’s a bad idea, right?” She follows this with a nonchalant shrug and a well-placed expletive, diving headfirst into the mess. “Bad Idea Right?” is playful and lively, yet it’s also a glimpse into Rodrigo’s inner thoughts and emotions. The track invites listeners to share in her journey, with multi-tracked chorus segments playfully portraying her internal musings. In this candid display of her thoughts and feelings, Rodrigo shows her relatability, reminding us that making mistakes is a part of growing up. However, amidst this dialogue, listeners find solace in knowing they’re not alone in their experiences.

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