New Music Friday Vol. 4 | October 6th, 2023

New Music

We are back with our 4th Volume of New Music Friday. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Lila Dupont | “Dance and Smoke and Sing”

Lila Dupont has recently graced us with her latest track, “Dance and Smoke and Sing,” which embodies an enchanting indie vibe. Her mesmerizing vocals take center stage, captivating the listeners and setting a distinctive tone for the song. This performance is undeniably a standout, showcasing her artistry and talent. Don’t miss out on this track—be sure to add “Dance and Smoke and Sing” to your playlists.

Corella | “Don’t Stop Me”

Hailing from their university days, Corella, a band comprised of Joel Smith (vocals), Jack Taylor (guitar), Ben Henderson (bass), and James Fawcett (drums), brings a message of youthful confidence, delving into the nuances of growing up in today’s UK. Their latest release, “Don’t Stop Me,” carries an irresistible indie pop/rock vibe that exudes unrelenting energy. The track skillfully showcases their vocals while maintaining a high-energy atmosphere throughout. Make sure to include “Don’t Stop Me” in your playlists.

Otto Aday | “Dancing Round The Morning Sun”

Otto Aday, the versatile UK-based artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, transcends eras and genres with music that transcends time. Having been featured here before, he returns with his latest single, “Dancing Round The Midnight Sun.” This beautiful track carries a nostalgic essence, emphasizing his captivating vocals that take the spotlight and command your full attention. Be sure to include this track in your playlists.

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