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New Music Friday Vol. 5 | October 6th, 2023

New Music Friday Vol. 5 | October 6th, 2023

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We are back with our final installment, Vol 5 of New Music Friday. Check out the new tracks and reviews below!

PAENDA | “turn the light off”

PAENDA, the accomplished Viennese producer, musician, and singer, has been tirelessly crafting her unique sound since 2016. Over the years, her music has evolved from underground indie to a captivating blend of mainstream electronic pop. Returning with her latest track, “turn the light off,” PAENDA once again impresses with her vocals taking the spotlight. The production is meticulously done, making this track a standout. Don’t miss out—add this one to your playlists.

Joey Green | “Bury My Heart (Dive Bar)”

Hailing from Texas and now making waves in Nashville, Joey Green, recognized for his impressive journey on NBC’s The Voice, has etched his name in Texas for his dynamic live performances blending rock ‘n’ roll with soulful country vibes. With the release of his latest track, “Bury My Heart (Dive Bar),” Joey’s vocals take center stage, perfectly suited for the genre. This song is a must-add to your playlists, showcasing his talent and capturing the essence of his musical style.

Lenka x Josh Pyke | “Champion”

Formerly a member of the renowned Australian electronic-rock fusion band Decoder Ring, Lenka Kripac transitioned into a solo career, relocating to California and adopting her first name as her artistic identity. Collaborating with Josh Pyke, they’ve released a beautiful new track, “Champion.” This song places their vocals at the forefront, showcasing impeccable harmonies and delivering a powerful performance. Don’t miss out on adding this exceptional track to your playlists.

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