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New Music Friday Pt. 1 | May 12th, 2023

New Music Friday Pt. 1 | May 12th, 2023

New Music

We are back with our New Music Friday Pt. 1. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

hollis | “Imperial High”

At 24 years old, Hollis Long, known simply as hollis, is an indie rock singer-songwriter. Her music blends classic pop melodies, alternative rock elements, and introspective lyrics that delve into the complexities of growing up and the human experience. Hollis’ songs are characterized by their infectious energy, driving guitar riffs, and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners. Recently, she released a captivating new track titled “Imperial High.” The song showcases her beautiful voice, which shines brightly throughout. The instrumentals are skillfully crafted and complement her vocals flawlessly. This release stands out prominently this week, and I highly recommend adding it to your playlists.

Kenzie Cates | “Too Tired”

Kenzie Cates, a rising pop artist from Canada, has garnered critical acclaim for her three released tracks thus far. Inspired by the positive reception of her debut single, she took further steps to develop her craft by participating in Judy Stakee’s songwriting retreat in Nashville in March 2020 and attending Andrew Allen’s masterclass through the Songwriter’s Association of Canada in May 2020. Recently, she unveiled a captivating new track titled “Too Tired.” The song masterfully showcases her vocals, placing them front and center. Her talent shines brightly throughout the track, making it a standout release. I highly recommend adding this captivating song to your playlists.

Bre Kennedy | “Navigating”

Bre Kennedy, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, has delivered her latest song titled “Navigating,” an authentic and organic pop anthem that beautifully encapsulates the challenges of navigating life during tumultuous moments. With its infectious melody, the track delves into themes of loss, adversity, fresh beginnings, and the journey of growing older, resulting in a relatable and timely musical offering.

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