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New Music Friday Pt. 2 | May 12th, 2023

New Music Friday Pt. 2 | May 12th, 2023

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We are back with Part 2 of our New Music Friday. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Caleb Hearn | “1200 sq ft”

Caleb Hearn burst onto the music scene in 2020, hailing from the small town of Mount Airy, NC with a population of only 10,000. He quickly captivated a devoted audience on TikTok by sharing his open-hearted honesty, particularly with his breakout song “Always Be.” Originally written as a tribute to a dear friend who tragically passed away, Caleb later released an updated version titled “Always Be 2.0” on music platforms. The track has already amassed an impressive 16.3 million streams on Spotify and continues to gain traction. Following this success, Caleb’s 2021 release, “Brown Eyes, Brown Hair,” further propelled his career with over 17.8 million Spotify streams and counting. Recently, Caleb unveiled his latest offering, “1200 sq ft.” This new track showcases his exceptional vocal abilities while maintaining an infectious energy throughout. It’s a standout release that deserves a place on your playlists. Don’t miss out on adding this impressive song to your rotation.

Maty Noyes | “Lighter Thief”

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Maty Noyes is dedicated to building a music career that fosters connections among people from diverse backgrounds. Maty is now preparing for the release of her latest album, Rainbow Syndrome, which includes the captivating first single “Lighter Thief” and five other dynamic tracks. For Maty, music serves as a therapeutic outlet. “I find solace in expressing myself through music, Maty explains. “Every aspect of my life deserves to be transformed into a song – whether it’s a moment of happiness, sorrow, or confusion. I don’t hold back in my songwriting; it is always honest and vulnerable. Each song in this latest project is rooted in a real-life experience. While the core message of the project aligns with my previous work, the way I express it now is completely authentic to myself, free from the opinions and criticisms of individuals who do not share the same passion for music.” Be sure to add the new compelling new track to your playlists and experience her artistic journey firsthand.

Morning in May | “Jake From State Farm Ruined My LIfe”

Morning in May, renowned for their evocative lyrics that infuse songs with a cinematic essence, stands at the forefront of revitalizing the pop-rock genre. They have embarked on notable tours, including Warped Tour 18′, sharing stages with esteemed acts like Hawthorne Heights, Underoath, and August Burns. Additionally, they have headlined captivating performances at the famed Whiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood and participated in the Launch Music Conference. Recently, they unveiled a compelling single titled “Jake From State Farm Ruined My Life,” which exhibits exceptional craftsmanship. The track exudes a fervent energy, skillfully showcasing their vocal prowess. It emanates a captivating atmosphere, making it a formidable addition to any playlist.

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