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Kelly Clarkson Performs, “favorite kind of high,” Live!

Kelly Clarkson Performs, “favorite kind of high,” Live!

Kelly Clarkson

We have featured Kelly Clarkson numerous times on the site, including her singles, “Mine,” and “Me.” Now, she just released a new upbeat Summer track, “favorite kind of high.” Check out the full live performance below!

On May 19, the Grammy winner released the new single from her forthcoming album, Chemistry. The song accompanies a video of a live performance at her birthday concert at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles in April.

Clarkson explains the intention behind the song and her album, sharing that she wanted them to be an honest reflection of the entirety of her relationship.

“This next song, man, this is a sexy-ass song, y’all,” she says to the crowd’s cheers. “So here’s the thing: I don’t want just some sad ‘I got divorced and my life sucks’ dumpster fire record.”

“Now that’s in there,” she continues with a laugh. “But I wanted it to be about the whole relationship because one thing I have learned in a lot of therapy is it’s not about just the bad.”

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“(The relationship) was a whole thing; it doesn’t mean everything is bad,” she adds. “There’s nothing like that high, like when you first see someone, and you’re like, ‘Oh, s—, you know, I wonder if they’re single?’ So this is called ‘Favorite Kind of High.’”

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