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Kelly Clarkson Hits #1 On Worldwide iTunes

Kelly Clarkson Hits #1 On Worldwide iTunes

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson just released her new album, chemistry. What a release it was. On Release Day, she reached #1 on iTunes in 16 different Countries, including the US. She also hit #1 on the Worldwide iTunes chart.

Kelly Clarkson funneled her seesawing emotions into her 10th studio album three years ago, when she filed for divorce (it was finalized in March 2022), but couldn’t bring herself to release the songs at the time. Not because she worried about the world hearing the soft sadness in “Skip This Part” or the defiance in “High Road” or the snarl that propels “Red Flag Collector.”

She just knew she couldn’t sit for interviews to discuss her turbulent emotional state.

“I will be useless and I will just cry,” she recalls telling her label.

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But now, Clarkson, 41, has reset and is eager for listeners to delve into “chemistry,” out today. Blending pop, soul and rock and topping it with her gust of a voice, the album is a relatable mix of moods decorated with dollops of unexpected guests (Steve Martin loans his banjo to “I Hate Love” while Sheila E. adds the percussive pulse to “That’s Right”).

What did you think of the new album? Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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