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Saturday Satisfaction | June 24th, 2023

Saturday Satisfaction | June 24th, 2023

Saturday Satisfaction

Saturday Satisfaction is back with some awesome tracks and reviews. Check them out below!

Zachary Wayne x Audrey Collins | “Version of You”

Zachary Wayne and Audrey Collins have joined forces on their latest collaboration, “Version of You.” Their vocals intertwine beautifully, creating a mesmerizing listening experience. The seamless harmony between them is truly remarkable, captivating listeners from start to finish. This standout performance has quickly become one of our favorites this week. Don’t miss out on adding this track to your playlists for an unforgettable musical journey.


KID TRAVIS, known for his melodic indie punk/trap fusion, demonstrates versatility in his music, accumulating over 150 million Spotify streams. With a YouTube channel boasting 480k subscribers and an Instagram following of 60k, he shares original music, visuals, and covers. Recently, he unveiled the lively single, “DON’T WANNA WAKE.” This irresistibly catchy track showcases his captivating vocals, solidifying its place as a standout addition to any playlist.


The dynamic pop-punk band, FLUORESCENTS, has just released their exhilarating new single, “Movies.” This track is a testament to their talent, showcasing their impressive vocals while maintaining an unwavering energy throughout. Undoubtedly a standout release this week, be sure to add this track to your playlists.

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