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Dan + Shay Release New Track, “We Should Get Married” | LISTEN HERE

Dan + Shay Release New Track, “We Should Get Married” | LISTEN HERE

Dan and Shay

Dan + Shay, widely known for their emotional wedding ballads, are taking a bit of a musical turn with their latest track “We Should Get Married.” In the official music video, the country duo seems to be aiming to show that they can also get people on their feet and dancing.

The video kicks off with Dan + Shay preparing in their green room, adjusting their bow ties and making sure they look sharp. They’re getting ready to perform at a wedding. Enter the wedding planner, complete with a headset microphone and clipboard, who briefs the duo on the event’s schedule and how things are going to unfold.

“You’re gonna go out, you’re gonna do that first dance. We need you to do your song and then be out of there, because then we have the DJ coming in to get people up and dancing,” she explains, as Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney nod along. “I’m sorry, you’re just not that band, right?”

As she blows out of the room, the band mates shake their heads in disappointment. “Everybody thinks we’re just the ballad guys. First dance guys. So frustrating,” Mooney says.

“We don’t need a DJ to get people out on the dance floor,” Smyers agrees.

“I think we should just go rogue and play the song,” Mooney suggests. “The song?” Smyers asks.The song,” Mooney replies, before “We Should Get Married” plays.

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