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Conor Maynard Releases, “If I Ever” Music Video

Conor Maynard Releases, “If I Ever” Music Video

Conor Maynard

We have previously featured Conor Maynard with his single, “P.G.N.L.” Now, he is back with a new single, “If I Ever.” Check out the full track, official music video and review below!

About Conor Maynard

This 29-year-old’s prior accomplishments need little introduction: Maynard’s debut album Contrast secured a number one in the UK charts, a record which produced five UK top ten singles. International recognition followed: world tours, awards, collaborations with Pharrell Williams, The Invisible Men and Rita Ora; the mentorship of multi-Grammy-winner Ne-Yo, too. Ever ambitious, Conor even starred in Broadway show Kinky Boots, showcasing another side to his multi-faceted talent.

Online to IRL

A YouTube pioneer, he was one of the first home-grown talents to transition from online to IRL pop-stardom, proving the power of dedicated digital audiences while breaking new ground for countless other upcoming artists to follow suit. Watch any one of Conor’s early videos, and you can instantly hear his natural talent and his passion for music. 

“We’re in an era where you can release music and connect with people without gatekeepers,” says Maynard. “But that approach still feels less respected, even though it’s the most consumed form of entertainment, one that takes a huge amount of graft.” That, Maynard believes, needs to change. 

In some ways, Maynard has come full circle, once again in full of his craft from his home studio. Only this time he’s not breaking through, but continuing his decade-long success with total creative control. Alongside his new record, 2023 will see Maynard back on stage, building on his sell-out 2019 world tour. 

“Hitting all these milestones, counting to grow, is incredibly satisfying,” says Maynard. “And it’s a relief to be certain that despite taking this huge leap – and it being a massive risk – I made the right call.”

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The new track is really well done. It is really cool to hear new music from Conor Maynard. The backing track is captivating and compliment his vocals completely. It has an 80’s sound to it, which is perfect for his voice. He does a great job at showcasing his vocal range while still keeping up the energy of the song. This is definitely a song that you need to add to your playlists.

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