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Tune in Thursday | June 16th 2022

Tune in Thursday | June 16th 2022

Tune in Thursday

We are back with some awesome new releases for Tune in Thursday. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Ezra | “set me free (december)”

We have previously featured Ezra with their release of, “All Your Friends Hate Me.” They also released a new single, “set me free (december).” This is such a good song too. The instrumentals are really good and set the pace for the track. The energy is off the charts. It is a strong performance that puts the vocals at the forefront of the track and really lets them shine. Make sure you add this one to your playlists.

Jacob Cullum | “It’s You” and “Seasons”

Jacob Cullum just released a new album. We have picked, “It’s You,” and “Seasons,” to take a closer look at. First up is, “It’s You.” I absolutely love the acoustic sound of this track. It is so well done and compliments his vocals beautifully. His voice stands out in this track and what a great voice he has. His tone and range is put on full display with, “It’s You.” Definitely a standout on the album.

“Seasons,” is up next and its another beautiful track. This one is mainly a piano piece which also compliments his voice. I think I love his voice even more with the piano in the background. He is such a strong vocalist and storyteller, which are 2 of the most important parts about making a genuine, long lasting song. Make sure to add the new album to your playlists.

Melissa Marshall | “Missin’ U”

Melissa Marshall just released a Country single, “Missin’ U.” This is a really well done track. The instrumentals pair well with her voice. She has such a good voice which is evident throughout the track. This is a track that you could easily hear on Country Radio tomorrow and deserves to be on your playlists. Make sure you check it out and give it an add.

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Tune in Thursday

Winnetka Bowling League | “I Like to Hide in the Bathroom at Parties”

Winnetka Bowling League just released their new single, “I Like to Hide in the Bathroom at Parties.” This is definitely a song that a lot of people are going to relate to. According to the band, the song is”A perfect post-pandemic anthem that whimsically addresses social anxiety as we all return to the real world.” Extremely relatable and really well done. The instrumentals are on point and really highlight the vocals too. A strong single by a super talented group. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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