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Taylor Swift | Midnights – Album Review

Taylor Swift | Midnights – Album Review

Taylor Swift

While accepting the Moon Person for video of the year at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Taylor Swift, 32, announced her tenth original full-length studio album, Midnights, which released today, (October 21st, 2022) via Republic Records. In honor of the new album, we have decided to do a track by track review of the album. Check it out below.

Lavender Haze” (Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Zoë Kravitz, Mark Spears, Jahaan Sweet, Sam Dew)

The harmonies are smooth and tight while the lyrics are very smart. After a pair of introspective albums, its refreshing to hear Swift lean back into poppy songwriting.

Maroon” (Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)

This one is dark and sparse. Its foundation around a brooding synth and light percussion doing a callback to “Blank Space.” Her vocals paint the portrait, with a layered vocal carrying the weight of the track.

Anti-Hero(Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)

This one is mid-tempo. She turns the spotlight at her own self-doubt. “I should not be left to my own devices/ They come with prices and vices/ I end up in crisis,” she sings. The new music video for Anti-Hero is due to premier tomorrow morning.

Snow On The Beach feat. Lana Del Rey(Writers – Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Jack Antonoff)

Lana Del Rey makes an appearance on this ethereal and atmospheric mid-tempo ballad. It feels like winter with synths, jingles and light orchestration. Pretty much what you would expect with a collab with Lana Del Rey.

You’re On Your Own, Kid(Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)

This one begins with a soft-pulsing beat that slowly blossoms into an alt-pop soundscape. Lyrically and vocally, it sounds like something from her highly successful Red album, but with a darker vibe to it.

Midnight Rain(Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)

“Midnight Rain,” sticks to the theme of lyrical timing references. She delivers a wordy verse that leads into a heavy melodic chorus, again sticking with a less-is-more arrangement.

Question…?(Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)

One of my favorite lines from this this track: “Did you leave the house in the middle of the night?/ Did you wish you’d put up more of a fight?/ When she said it was too much, do you wish you could still touch her?” Appropriately titled Question…?

Vigilante Shit(Writer – Taylor Swift)

One of album’s best moments come on “Vigilante Shit,” a revenge anthem with punch that has Billie Eilish vibes. “Don’t get sad, get even,” Swift declares.

Bejeweled(Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)

Next up is “Bejeweled.” This one is an ode to independence. Featuring a catchy melody and Swift’s iconic voice, this is a standout on the album.

Labyrinth(Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)

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Next up is, “Labyrinth.” This one feels a bit more experimental and doesn’t have much production going on. But it definitely puts her voice in the forefront, which is always a good thing.

Karma(Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Mark Spears, Jahaan Sweet, Keanu Torres)

The ’80s pop sensibility of “Karma” explodes out of the gate with an upbeat synth-heavy sound. This song seems to reference Swift’s resiliency through the personal travails throughout her career. The 80’s throwback sound is very nostalgic, which is missing in today’s music.

Sweet Nothing(Writers – Taylor Swift, William Bowery)

The light, “Sweet Nothing” puts Swift’s vocals and wordy verses at the forefront with a simple keyboard melody in the backdrop. This is a great track that puts a lot of focus on her vocals, which ultimately pay off in the end.

Mastermind(Writers – Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff)

The album closes out with “Mastermind.” It opens on a synth before exploding into a subdued electro-pop anthem. A perfect way to close out the album.

All in all, Midnights is much different than her other albums. It feels more experimental and lacks production in many of the tracks, which is expected with this particular album. She remains a lyrical genius. It is her re-introduction into the Pop Music landscape. Midnights is available wherever you get your music.

What did you think of the new Midnights album by Taylor Swift? Sound off in the comments. Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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