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Ed Sheeran Says, “Safety Issue,” Led To Concert Cancellation | READ HERE

Ed Sheeran Says, “Safety Issue,” Led To Concert Cancellation | READ HERE

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran called out of his Allegiant Stadium show about an hour and a half before its scheduled start Saturday, leaving fans who had waited inside and outside the stadium — some for hours — confused and frustrated.

Sheeran stated Sunday afternoon the official reason for the late call was “a safety issue” caused by problem flooring for his audio towers. The 32-year-old superstar posted an unspecified media report on his Instagram page, “Rubber Tiling had become unstuck — causing two tall towers to slip overnight about a foot each. Engineers tore the rig apart and reinforced the rebuild, but both towers were still found to be shifting … Leading to the cancellation.”

Ed Sheeran posted in his own words, “It was a safety issue, and we really tried to do the best we could to make the show happen but I’m not gonna risk the safety of my fans for anything. I really am gutted, this was very much out of my control but I do take full responsibility for everyone that was put out from the cancellation.”

Sheeran said his return show Oct. 28 “will be something special.” And apologized for the late notice given to thousands of fans who had tickets to his “Mathematics Tour” show, many of whom were filing into the stadium when the call was made.

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“Nothing will take away from the effort people went to to get to vegas though and I’m sorry it wasn’t communicated sooner to the people waiting outside,” he wrote. “We really thought the show was going to happen up until the very last moment but it just couldn’t for safety reasons. Sorry again to everyone affected, and hopefully see you in October x.”

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