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Monday Music Mayhem | November 28th, 2022

Monday Music Mayhem | November 28th, 2022


Monday Music Mayhem is back with some new tracks and reviews. Check them out below!

ALTR X | “Demon (Rock Version)”

ALTR X recently released some new tracks. First up is “Demon (Rock Version).” According to the group, this track is about “fighting inner demons and self struggle.” The instrumentals are well done and pair well with the vocals. There is so much energy packed in this track. They also do a great job at showing off their vocals and delivering the message of the song. Definitely a strong start to our Monday Music Mayhem.


The next track, “Darc,” by ALTR X was released a few months back. This one is about, “depression and asking for help.” This track is really well done. The vocals are more present and more in the foreground of this song. It is really refreshing that they are releasing songs that their audience is going to relate to.

“The End”

The last track we are looking at is their most popular on Spotify, “The End.” With over 54,000 streams, this is definitely a standout for the group. The songs that we have featured have to do with Mental Health, which is an important topic for everyone. It should be talked about more. It is really great that they have used their platform to raise awareness for this. Again, in this track, the instrumentals are great and pair well with the vocals. They have a way of keeping the listener hooked on every word.

Some great releases by a really talented group. Make sure to add all of these to your playlists.

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