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Lynda Carter | “Human and Divine”

Lynda Carter | “Human and Divine”

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter, now 70, rose to fame as Wonder Woman on 1970s TV series, and released her first album of music, Portrait, in 1970, while continuing to act. She was even crowned Miss World in 1972. Returning to music more than 30 years later, Carter released her second album, At Last, a collection of jazz covers by Sam Cooke, James Taylor in 2009.

Last year, Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter released, “Human and Divine.” Check it out below!

Behind the Music

“It’s been a very difficult year and one where I just kept my one foot in front of the other,” says Lynda Carter. Losing her husband of nearly 40 years, Robert Altman, in February of 2021, the year has been one filled with getting to know herself again, and her next steps. To find some healing and work through her grief, Carter returned to songwriting, penning the heartfelt ballad “Human and Divine.”

“Human and Divine”

It’s trying to define love,” says Carter. “If someone asked you to explain what it was, what would be the groups of words that you use to convey it. When you’ve lost someone, it takes on a whole new meaning because it’s all you have left when it’s all said and done.”

Once it was finished being written, “Human and Divine” was put together with violin and other instrumentation/vocals, remotely during the pandemic. “It was a real labor of love. It’s like a movie. You start writing it and fixing it, and you have your principal photographer, and then you move into post-production, and it may be a way before it comes out. So it’s still a new movie. It’s still a new song, but it takes a while for it to become what it is.”

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“Human and Divine,” is a beautiful heartfelt ballad that does a great job at showing off Lynda’s vocals, all while capturing the energy of the track. It is a very theatrical song, that could easily be in the SYNC world or in any movies as well. Definitely a beautiful performance by a very talented artist. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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