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Loud Forest | “Easy to Love”

Loud Forest | “Easy to Love”

Loud Forest

Loud Forest just released a new track, “Easy to Love.” Check out the full track and review below!

Loud Forest is based in Los Angeles, CA where Bernard and Rachel Chadwick, a married couple, collaborate out of their experimental project space in Pasadena. Merging elements of alternative rock, Americana, and pop as well as post-punk into their moody, crafted indie rock, their earliest albums won a dedicated fan base and radio attention. 

Their 4th and forthcoming album, “Family Tree,” returns to their DIY approach; a beautiful lockdown creation of sparkly jams and alternative rock anthems that tell stories of their childhood through raw and angular expressions. Coming in May, 2022.

Loud Forest just released, “Easy to Love.” This is such a beautiful release. The instrumentals are stunning and compliment the vocals very nicely. The vocals are super strong and the harmonies are on point. There is so much emotion in the song and they do a great job at showcasing every bit of it. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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