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Kat Von D | “Enough” (Bat Cave Mix) and “Lost At Sea” (Bat Cave Mix)

Kat Von D | “Enough” (Bat Cave Mix) and “Lost At Sea” (Bat Cave Mix)

Kat Von D

Kat Von D just released a new track, “Enough,” (Bat Cave Mix). Check out the full track and review below!

Long before the history-making tattoos, ubiquitous television shows, best-selling books and an influential beauty empire, Kat Von D sat down at a piano for nearly two hours a day and played. In essence, music became her first creative language and most trusted outlet. Classical training and a deep appreciation for music of all genres essentially underscored her life. She studied voice under Ken Tamplin six days per week, strengthening her vocals.

In 2012, she began writing with GRAMMY® Award-nominated Linda Perry. Following this experience, Kat continued to write on her own, sitting at the piano and summoning songs from raw emotion. During 2014, she retreated to London to record the original mix of what would become her full-length debut album ‘Love Made Me Do It’ (KVD/Kartel Music Group) before cementing it with her band – Gregg Foreman AKA Mr. Pharmacist (synth 1/Cat Power, The Gossip), Sammi Doll (synth 2/IAMX), Dave Parley (drums/Prayers), and Brynn Route (contortionist). They moved into a bungalow cottage on her property, lived together, and finished the record. Capping off the process, Dan Haigh of Gunship handled mixing.

The new track, “Enough,” is more than enough. It has such a deep and atmospheric sound, which pays off completely. The instrumentals are compelling but the vocals are the real standout here. Kat Von D does a great job at showcasing her vocals throughout the song and really capturing the emotion.

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“Lost At Sea,” is a more upbeat track and is really well done. The instrumental and backing track is intense and captivating. Vocally, she sounds stunning as always. Both tracks should be added to your playlists.

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