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Jordyn Sugar | “Summer High”

Jordyn Sugar | “Summer High”

Jordyn Sugar

Jordyn Sugar just released a new track, “Summer High.” Check out the full track and review below!

Jordyn Sugar was born in Toronto, Ontario on July 9th, 2003, and currently resides in Montreal, Quebec. At the young age of 3 everyone knew that music would be a huge part of her life. With her love and passion for drumming, one can say drums are her beat. Things really took a twist and turn when she built up the confidence to reveal her secret talent for singing in 2019. With school and Basketball at a halt due to the pandemic, Jordyn had more time on her hands to pursue her new found passion.

She started learning how to play the guitar, piano and developed her musical skills. It’s important to note, that Jordyn was all self-taught throughout this time. In May 2020, it was time for Jordyn to reveal her talent and skillset when she decided to post her first singing video on TikTok. As time went on Jordyn amassed a rather large following on social media.

“Summer High,” is such a contagious bop. It is really upbeat and the perfect song for the upcoming season. The instrumentals are very strong and compliment her vocals nicely. She does a great job at showing off her vocals and her range throughout the new single. All in all, it is a great song that should be added to your playlists.

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