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Cruz Rock Releases New Album | LISTEN HERE!

Cruz Rock Releases New Album | LISTEN HERE!

Cruz Rock

Cruz Rock just released a brand new album, Xultura. Cruz, whose birth name is Frankie Garcia, is a talented Latin Caribbean Singer, Songwriter, and Producer originating from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. His rich heritage can be traced back to Trinidad & Tobago, as well as San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Vieques. With a Trinidadian mother and a Puerto Rican father, Cruz Rock embodies the fusion of these two vibrant and influential cultures.

His musical artistry is a testament to his diverse background, as he creates a captivating blend of Caribbean, American, and Latin styles. This unique fusion results in music that undeniably appeals to listeners, showcasing the rich tapestry of his heritage and the influence of these culturally significant regions. Cruz Rock’s ability to seamlessly integrate these various elements into his music has earned him a strong following and a reputation as a truly exceptional artist.

Cruz Rock | Xultura

He recently released his new album, Xultura. Check out the full album on Apple Music below!


The new album is exceptional. There is so much energy and creativity packed into each track. Indeed, Cruz Rock’s voice is undeniably stunning. He masterfully showcases his vocals, striking a perfect balance between power and energy, while maintaining the essence and emotion of his songs. With his exceptional vocal talents, Cruz Rock leaves a lasting impression on his listeners, drawing them into the depth of his music. Make sure to add this album to your playlists.

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