Caitlyn Scarlett and Her Ensemble | “Forgive Yourself”

Caitlyn Scarlett

Caitlyn Scarlett and Her Ensemble just released “Forgive Yourself.”

This song is absolutely beautiful. The instrumentals are so big in the background but it works perfectly. Since the vocals are so prominent, they compliment each other. The new track is really well done and deserves to be added to your playlists.

Here is what Caitlyn had to say about the new release on her Facebook page.

“Sometimes to love is to lose. Sometimes what starts as the most beautiful thing in the world can devolve into hell. We may even betray our own values in pursuit of something that isn’t meant for us. In the end all we have is ourselves. Forgive Yourself is out today and it means so much that I’m finally able to share this song and the stunning orchestral arrangement by @ellieconsta and @herensemble which just completely brings the piece to life. I’ve spent the last eight years existing in the pop/dance side of the industry and I wouldn’t change a thing however as a listener my heart truly lies with real organic timeless music like this track. I’m so proud of it and so excited to keep sharing this era with you guys. At long last I’m writing my debut album with legend @jonathan.quarmby and expressing myself in a way that feels totally genuine. So thank you always for your support.”

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