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Ava Della Pietra | “i’ve been thinking”

Ava Della Pietra | “i’ve been thinking”

Ava Della Pietra

Ava Della Pietra is back with a new single, “i’ve been thinking.” Check out the full track and review below!

A multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele, Ava recorded her first song when she was ten. Songwriting is something that has always come naturally. “Songs tend to come to me when I am outside taking a walk or riding my bicycle. I will sing a verse and a chorus into my phone, and then when I get back inside, I write it all down and put chords to it on either the ukulele, piano, or guitar”. After School of Rock, Ava knew she was ready to produce, release and perform her own music.

The new single is really well done. The instrumentals are very mellow and compliment the vocals beautifully. Her voice is so strong. She does a great job at capturing the emotion of the song and relaying it to her listeners. Definitely one that should be added to your playlists.

What did you think of “i’ve been thinking,” by Ava Della Pietra? Sound off in the comments.

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