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Bradley Kim | “flowers”

Bradley Kim | “flowers”

Bradley Kim

We have featured Bradley Kim previously. Now, he is back with a new single, “flower.” Check it out below!

Bradley is a Korean/Hawaiian/German singer-songwriter from Seattle, WA. Discovering his passion for music in his late teenage years after a creative “promposal”. Growing up as a closeted athlete, his dream was to play football at the highest level possible, but as a closeted member of the LGBTQ community, he was fearful his sexuality would prevent those dreams from coming to fruition.

Despite the hardships he had growing up, his athleticism earned him a Division 1 scholarship to the United States Air Force Academy for football where Bradley played for two years but battled injuries that would inevitably end his career early. Experiencing a lot of anguish, but also a great deal of joy and accomplishment from his accolades and success in athletics. Garnering those emotions he experienced throughout his life, he tries to turn these emotions into words and melodies in his music.

He just released a new single, “flowers.” It is really well done. The backing track is compelling and pair well with his vocals. The real standout here is his voice though. He has one of those voices that just cuts through and almost demands your attention. The way he plays with his voice and goes from full voice, to head voice is impressive. Also, the 80’s inspiration is evident throughout and is super refreshing. The new single could easily be on the radio tomorrow. Absolutely beautiful track. Here is what Bradley had to say about the new single.

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I wrote flowers with my friend, Dalton Mauldin, in December of last year. When we sat down to write it, we decided that we wanted to make a more angsty and upbeat sounding song that people could relate to, cry to sing to, scream to, and dance to. With that in mind, we decided to make the song about ending a relationship/situationship with someone after it had failed countless times in the past. It’s honestly kind of a Ross and Rachel situation, but they don’t end up together.”

What did you think of the new single, “flowers,” by Bradley Kim? Sound off in the comments and listen to his top hits below! Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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