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New Music Friday Vol. 4 | September 22nd, 2023

New Music Friday Vol. 4 | September 22nd, 2023

New Music

We are back with our New Music Friday, Vol. 4. Check out the new tracks and reviews below!

Audri | “Black Out”

Audri, a talented songwriter and producer hailing from Seattle, has been making waves in the music scene. Since 2020, she has impressively released 4 EPs, amassing over 1.7 million streams on Spotify. Her most recent track, “Black Out,” is an exceptionally well-crafted song that places her vocals front and center, showcasing her musical prowess. It’s undeniably a standout this week and a track worth adding to your playlists.

Jillian Steele | “Cry For Cowboys”

Jillian Steele, an indie pop singer/songwriter from New York now based in Nashville, Tennessee, has recently unveiled her new track, “Cry For Cowboys.” This beautiful track brilliantly showcases her vocals at the forefront, allowing her storytelling ability to shine through. The performance is strong and truly admirable. Be sure to add this track to your playlists.

MaddBayy | “Cherry Trees”

MaddBayy is an EDM/R&B duo comprising of Madras and Bombay. They just released an energetic new track, “Cherry Trees.” This is undeniably a well-crafted track. The dynamic backing instrumentals infuse energy into the song and provide an excellent platform for the vocals to shine. They do a fantastic job showcasing their vocals, maintaining the song’s energy throughout. It’s undoubtedly a standout this week and a track that deserves a place on your playlists for an invigorating and memorable musical experience.

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New Music

Lauryn Macfarlane | “Dive”

Lauryn Macfarlane, an emerging artist straddling the realms of Alt-Country, Pop, and Singer/Songwriter genres, is carving her unique niche in the modern music landscape. Hailing from Canada, Lauryn has been making waves, especially in Eastern Canada. Her latest release, “Dive,” is an enchanting and beautiful song that serves as a perfect canvas for showcasing her remarkable vocals. Lauryn’s voice possesses a captivating quality that commands attention, making this track an essential addition to your playlists.

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